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Special Mention 


Most young children are found tied up, murdered as shown on Dateline on TV, molested and all else. This is why we must save America's children regardless of National Origin or creed. There have been complaints that law enforcement only help the caucasians and not so much interested in other national origins. We do not feel this is true.  Instead of banging heads against each other, just think of the children like the Danielle Van Dam case or the Jennifer Short case in Virginia and the other girl whose house was broken into and she was raped and then hit in the head with a hammer.  And what about Elizabeth Smart and the 11 year old girl in Salt Lake City? And what about the child in Cleveland, Ohio or the boy who almost got kidnapped but ran to a friend's house. And what about the 9 year old boy in California whose father was hurt and he kidnapped? Who is more important? The children or disagreements among ourselves? Think of the children.

A special mention goes out here for Craig Shell and his stamina in running down parental kidnappers and what he had to go through. One case in particular comes to mind, chasing a lady named Hollywood Conforti and her lover a disbarred attorney from the State of Florida to Hawaii, and then getting beat up, shot at and all else to discourage him from running Hollywood down. Being physically threatened by groups of men to back off, which Craig refused to do. Unable to get Craig off their back, Hollywood and her lover returned to the United States and decided to hide out in Ohio.  Again Craig ran them down, and with undercover agents to help box them in, the two were arrested. The disbarred lawyer's last comment was, quote, "I have never been afraid of anything in my life, but when we learned Cobra was after us, I was terrified."  Most people are when Cobra takes a case. We still praise Craig Shell to the present day for all the things that he went through with enormous stamina as well as Darla Hubbard Contrucci who also stood long days and nights in wintry weather to secure the missing children she went after. Things that many of the other agents haven't encountered as of yet.  The Akron Police Department of Ohio also praised Cobra for its work and how well they and the organization get along together. 
A special mention must be made here about Visine and Murine. If your teenager drinks beer, warn them never to leave their glass or can of beer unattended. We have had cases where a glass of beer is sitting there and someone puts one drop of Murine or Visine into their beer. When they return, they drink the beer and wake up hours later wondering what had happened to them. During that blackout period they might have been molested, if a woman, or raped or anything else. One girl woke up (Mary Spencer) on a railroad tracks with her legs broken. The rumbling of a train woke her up. She found she couldn't walk. So managed to pull herself off the tracks. Today she walks around with steel pins in her legs helping to keep her together. So do beware of Visine and Murine whether at a bar or in a so-called friends home. I, too, have been drugged like this while drinking beer socially. Never in my lifetime have I ever imagined that Visine or Murine could dope a person out like a light. So do beware always and always be watchful and careful. Practice the 4 Cs. Which is being cool, calm, collective and careful. It will help to save your life as well as protect you from predators like that.


We also thank John Perry and Cecil Frazier of Canton, Ohio who helped us when we needed it the most; and the Rev. Harold Henninger of the Canton Baptist Temple and the Canton City School System for first helping us in publishong our manual: THE COBRA SENTINEL---HELP SAVE A CHILD!
As outlined, you too can get involved and by becoming involved, you would also be helping the missing, kidnapped and runaway children of America before something drastic might happen to them.
All of this would not have been possible at all without the help of these dedicated companies and individuals who believe in helping to save America's children. You, too, can be a big help to our children.  Won't you make a donation today?  For we have had to curtail operations on a national scale due to lack of funds and transportation. Won't you please make a donation today? Every little bit helps.