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We mentioned to you in the beginning about our Citizens Action Manual entitled THE COBRA SENTINEL---HELP SAVE A CHILD! which we first published with the help of the Canton City School System and Rev. Harold Henninger of the Canton Baptist Temple. The action manual has been very instrumental in even helping families to get their own child back. Reiterating the fact that unable to keep up with the heavy demand, the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, Criminal Justice Reference Service, Rockville, Maryland took over the publication in 1983.
In the year 1996 Cobra produced an update to the manual, this time in video form, a 5 hour long video entitled THE COBRA SENTINEL--HOLD BACK THE NIGHT! You can find this at your local law enforcement agency or feasibly at your local public library. There was a heavy demand for this as well, but thanks to our Donors we were able to get the video out to the public. You can also find this video at your local public library who also purchased some copies.
UPDATE:  At the present time we are producing our new video which will be 6 hours long because one of our undercover operatives MS. GINA SITRA was found murdered on Shorb N.W. in Canton, Ohio in 1999.  The news stated that she was involved in prostitution and drugs. When in actuality, everyone knows that when you are undercover you pretend to be some thing that you are not. To place derogatory information on anyone without finding out the truth is bad.  Nonetheless, this new video will be an update to not only HOLD BACK THE NIGHT but also on our manual HELP SAVE A CHILD.
This new video is an update because Cobra Missing Children Network had went defunct at the time due to bad publicity which was blasted away in a Federal Court and received damages due to misinformation. However, we are now back and more active than ever. You will see all of this in our new video The Cobra Sentinel---TIME TO FIGHT BACK.  This new video due to the murder of Gina Sitra our undercover agent gives you a much deeper insight into the missing children problem. Especially with the rash of sudden kidnappings now smashing the United States. Since we still do not receive any funding, we are dependant upon donations or sales of the video. The video will also teach parents the real truth about the missing children problem. Not only that but the new video has numerous students talking about the problem because children relate well to other children. So won't you ORDER THE VIDEO NOW since it is vital to saving your child and your neighbor's child as well. It also gives tips, hints, and much more on what to do, how to do it, and much much more. We have to sell the new video for $40.00 to keep Cobra operating. We also accept donations under IRS Code 170(e)3.  Won't you help to stop this sudden rash of kidnappings and molestations going on right now?  DO ORDER YOUR VIDEO TODAY and HELP SAVE A CHILD.....which could be yours!
The video will be sold to the public and public libraries like the old one was  and will also be available  on cassette tapes for playing in school, libraries or wherever one might want to study about missing, kidnapped and runaway children. The price for the cassette version is only $15.00 per set.  Companies and organizations can make donations to Cobra under IRS Code 170(e)3. 
So do place your order today. Send a Check or Money Order to: Cobra Missing Children Network at P.O. Box 7280 Station A, Canton, Ohio 44705-0280. You will receive your video TIME TO FIGHT BACK within three (3) weeks.  Thank you for your order.


You may contact the following agencies for help or visit their websites:
Abducted Children Information Center, 1470 Gene Street, Winter Park, FL 32789
Adam Walsh Resource Center, Inc., Parkview Bldg., Suite 306, 1876 N. University Drive, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33322
Bureau of Missing Children, P.O. Box 2461, Tampa, FL  33601
Child Keyppers of Florida, Inc., P.O. Box 6292, Lake Worth, FL  33466
Child Safe Products, Inc., 449 North University Drive, Plantation, FL 33324
Childrens Rights of Florida, Inc., P.O. Box 173 Pinellas Park, FL 33565
Dee Scofield Awareness Program, National Headquarters, 4418 Bay Court Avenue, Tampa, FL 33611
James DeGray Foundation for Missing Children, 2927 Ramada Drive, Apt. 431, Tampa, FL 33612
Missing Children Information Clearing House, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, P.O. Box 1489, Tallahassee, FL 32302
National Child Guard Data Center, 1100 North East 12th Street, North Miami, Fl 33161
Missing Children Help Center, 410 Ware Boulevard, Suite 1102, Tampa, FL  33619
Kyle's Story, 205 North Chilton Avenue, La Grange, GA 30240
Find-Me, Inc., P.O. Box 1612, La Grange, GA 30241
Child Abuse Prevention Speakers Bureau, Inc., 656 East 154th Street, Dolton, IL 60419
Illinois Chapter of the National Coalition for Childrens Justice, 416 Rambler Lane, Streamwood, Il  60103
Illinois Foster Parent Association, 34 Michael Drive, P.O. Box 169, Woodson, IL 62695
Illinois State Enforcement Agency to Recover Children (I-SEARCH) Illinois Department of Law Enforcement, 200 Armory Building, Springfield, IL 62706
National Runaway Switchboard, 2210 North Halsted, Chicago, IL  60614
1 (800) 621-4000 HOTLINE
Director, Ohio Crime Prevention Association, 1560 Fishinger Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221
Mr. Al Regnery, Administrator, Office of Juvenile Justice, 633 W. Indiana avenue N.W., Washington, DC 20531
Director, U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau Of Investigation, FBI, Washington, DC 20535
Director, U.S. Department of Juvenile Justice, Washington, DC  20531