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About Us


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Our children are our most prized possessions. Do you know what to do if your child is kidnapped or missing? If not, then you may contact us or have your local law enforcement agency contact the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, Criminal Reference Service, Rockville, Maryland to obtain our manual: THE COBRA SENTINEL--HELP SAVE A CHILD! which we wrote and published in 1980 and the U.S. Department of Justice took over the publication of the manual in 1983 because we could not keep up with the heavy demand for the citizen action manual.

Cobra's Organization

Don Bennafield, President & Founder of Bennafield Enterprises, Inc., ran a normal non-profit self help community development corporation when suddenly his oldest daughter Venus Bennafield disappeared. he was panic stricken, even ran photos in local newspapers. The Police Department in those years had no knowledge whatsoever on how to locate missing children. Neither did Bennafield. Consequently, he heard of several agencies and contacted them. The end result, a new concept was born and the Cobra Connection Global Missing Children Network was born. Now known as the Cobra Missing Children Network. Don Bennafield became National President. Thor Thunder the Chief Investigator and Joan Simon the 2nd chief investigator in command. Other investigators are: Craig Shell of Medina, Ohio, Darla Hubbard Contrucci and Karen Spradling, RN, and Renee Wyatt, Secretary, Dionne Bennafield, File Clerk. And the Bureau of Missing Children based out of Florida who provided Cobra with 3,600 private investigators working Pro Bono. With the new concept, Kathy Wamsley and Judy Byrd of the National Organization of Women volunteered their services and went on speaking engagements at hospitals, television stations and all over Ohio enlightening people what to look for and how to find missing children. end result, Cobra was successful in returning over 4,989 runaway, missing and kidnapped children to their families, including the founder's daughter, Venus. Our Major Advisors during these formative turbulent years were: DEE SCOFIELD AWARENESS PROGRAM: JOHN WALSH & THE ADAM WALSH RESOURCE CENTER; FIND ME, INC., BUREAU OF MISSING CHILDREN; AKRON OHIO POLICE DEPARTMENT and President of Canton City Council, MR. RAY DENCZAK and MR. PAT FERRUCCIO.

Vital Statistics

The Cobra Connection was the 6th missing children agency in the United States and the first global missing children network ever in existence, negotiating contracts with other missing children agencies and with the help of ex-Congresswoman Mary Rose Oakar and her chief aide Mr. Al Kosen and the investigators, Cobra continued to find and return kidnapped children and runaways. And where the runaways were concerned, it became a known fact that they all congregate in Florida although the State does nothing about it at all. And so many were picked up in Florida also. With such successes, Cobra received citations from the Governor of Ohio, Mr. Celeste and from the Mayor of the City of Canton, Mr. Sam Purses and other citations from numerous organizations. We were also summoned to the State Capitol on several occasions in Ohio to testify and instrumental in getting the toughest missing children legislation ever in existence enacted in the State of Ohio, Senate Bill 321 as introduced by the then Senator Lee I. Fisher.


Cobra Missing Children Network, P.O. Box 7280 Station A, Canton, Ohio 44705-0280