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Mission Objectives


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The Cobra Network is a self-help community development corporation, division of Bennafield Enterprises, Inc., established in 1969 to help out the poor, the disadvantaged, the disabled and those who could not help themselves.
From its humble beginnings it has exploded and blossomed finally into a life saver for innumerable children. In the year 1978 the firm was incorporated in the State of Ohio, Charter Number #510157 and registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 organization, IRS Number: 34-1430537, and registered with the Ohio Charitable Solicitations Foundation, number: 0130-02 and swarmed around the globe helping others wherever they help might be needed or sought. And from these meager beginnings, you too can learn how to be an asset to society and help those children less fortunate than your own.
Just recently as 2002 a young 12 year old girl was kidnapped at Hartford Jr. High School situated in Canton, Ohio. The girl was located. However, problems like these persist. And unless people learn the secrets and sit outside or watch carefully like a Cobra to the children going back and forth to school and if seeing anything suspicious., strike like a Cobra and intervene or call 911 immediately to prevent situations like this from occuring.
Taking excerpts from Our Manual and Our Video HOLD BACK THE NIGHT, hopefully some of the following will assist you if your child turns up missing. Call the local police and report your incident immediatley. Have a notebook handy to keep records of phone calls and information. Ask the police for a case number on your child and who will be handling the investigation. Ask also that your child be immediately entered into the NCIC. It is important to remember that there is no waiting period required for an entry to be accepted in the Missing Persons file, this includes runaways. (National Child Search Assistance Act of 1990). Ask police to conduct a search in the area your child was last seen in. Provide the police with a current photograph of your child, and fingerprints, if available. Never get rid of your child's last photograph as you may need it later. And if a runaway, check your child's closest friends. You would be surprised at the the answers you might find there. Conduct your own search in cooperation with the law enforcement agency involved. Have family, friends and neighbors help you. Be sure to have someone always by the phone at all times during this hectic search. Search your child's room, pockets of clothing and school locker for telephone numbers and addresses which may be useful in finding out whom they might have called or where they might have gone. Check your child's attendance record and those of their close friends at school. Call your telephone company to request copies of any calls made from your home since your last bill. Call any numbers that you do not recognize to see if they have heard from your child. Call your child's friends  and any phone numbers you find during your search of the room and locker. Speak to both friends and their parents, if feasible. Re-contact these friends on a regular basis. Call out of town friends, relatives, etc. to see if they have heard from your child. Make up flyers, include a photo of the child, physical description, and the name and number of police agencies involved. Check out the places where your child hunt out at. Ask to post flyers there. Show flyers to people and ask if they have seen th child. If your state has a clearinghouse for missing children, contac them to report your child missing. Contact missing children organizations and ask for their help. Ask your local media to become involved by broadcasting your child's photo and information on the disappearance. Hopefully you will find the answers you need.
Our total mission is to not only search, but to provide products and services which will help families to find their own missing, kidnapped or runaway child. Or those children who are deliberately murdered by their own parents for selfish reasons or insurance money. it takes strict investigation to find out the truth.
The facts are: Over 1,800,000 children are reported missing in the United States every year. One almost every 40 seconds. Many are parental abductions, miss communications between parents and children, teens staying out late, and children in general mischief. But so many are the victions of really bad people committing really bad crimes.
John Walsh (host of the television show, "America's Most Wanted") has testified before Congress about this issue and has placed the annual total number of abducted children at more than 1.5 million, adding that "we don't have a clue (about) what happens to over 50,000 of them." Most may be runaways but many are suspected of having fallen prey to our nations child hunters.
Your chances of child recovery are greatly increased with the immediate recruitment of thousands of citizens to help in parallel with our police force efforts. For time is the most important factor in the successful recovery of abducted children. The quicker you organize and search, the higher the chances are of recovery.
If you think it is not possible to happen to your child, please go to the following website address on the Internet and ask what the parents of these children used to think........
This is another reason why the U.S. Department of Justice has our action manual THE COBRA SENTINEL---HELP SAVE A CHILD!
Become part of the Cobra team and always question anything strange or out of the ordinary or what might seem strange to you. Your actions could save a child's life. Thank you very much.
We haven't been trucking all over the United States on other kidnap cases due to lack of funds. If you make your donations we will be back in the saddle again.
Protecting our Nation's most Valuable Resource - Our Children.
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Cobra Missing Children Network, 511 Webster Avenue N.E., Canton, Ohio 44704-2053