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Our Supporters are an important part of the success of our network. They utilize IRS Code 170(e)3 to help us in our efforts.  Under said code, one can make a donation for an item, like for example, an article selling for $1000.00, we are allowed to give them a tax write off deduction of the full One Thousand plus Half. Which would give them a tax write off of : $1,500.00.  We are always in dire need of donations as well as cash donations. If you desire to help you can utilize the code of which we would have to mail you an IRS Documentation Form relevant to same.  


Some of our supporters who have contributed to our cause situated here in Canton, Stark County, Ohio are: Bill Phillips of the Home Beverage Corporation and the Paris Church in Paris, Ohio with cash donations; the Circuit City Foundation; Mark Armstead of Armstead Motors with the donation of 2 vehicles; the Envirite Corporation and Dine Refuse Company with cash donations; Mr. Ron Quinn of Eppy's Chevrolet with a donation of a vehicle; Mr. Dave Ewing of Ewing Chevrolet with the donation of three vehicles; Ray, Robert of M & R Auto & Truck Sales with the donation of 9 vehicles and 3 fund raisers; Mr. Kindy of North Canton TV & Appliance and Mr. Robinson of Robinson Electronics with electronic equipment; Sandra McLaughlin of Our House Cafe' and Downtown Canton Computers with the donation of duplicating equipment; the Stark Community Foundation with the donation of 6 computer systems; Brian of Brian's Automotive Repair Service and Art of Art's Automotive Repair Services who donates time, equipment and parts to keep our vehicles running for our investigators and in good shape.We also thank the Rev. Harold Henninger of the Canton Baptist Temple who first helped us in the publication of our Manual The Cobra Sentinel--Help Save A Child and the Canton City School System who published innumerable copies of the manual for us. A special thanks goes out to John Perry and Cecil Frazier who has expanded much energy and help when we direly needed it.

Relevant to the Gift-In-Kind under Section 170(e)3 of the IRS Code. This is a little known Federal Law termed the Special Inventory Rule. In essence, gifts of ordinary income property, including inventory, generally may be deducted at the fair market value less the gain that would have been realized if the items had been sold (unrealized gain). The effect is to reduce the donor's contribution to cost. A greater deduction is allowed when ordinary income property, and the charity to which it is donated, meet certain narrowly defined provisions of the Tax Code, Section 170(e)3. This special rule requires that the use of the property be related to the function or purpose for which the charity was given tax exempt status and that the property be used by the donee solely for the care of the ill, needy, or infants (minors). In order to qualify for this deduction, the donor must receive from the donee a written statement guaranteeing these two provisions will be met and that the donation will not be sold, bartered or traded for service.

Since we also run training programs for the disadvantaged, the needy, and search for and usually find missing children, our corporation thus fulfills the requirements of the code.
And if the contribution meets these specifications, only half of the unrealized gain need be subtracted from the fair market value. Expressed in another way, the deduction is equal to the cost of the property plus One Half of its unrealized appreciation. Therefore, the deduction on the donated property would be the Full Price of the Article Plus Half More, allowing a greater tax write off. Example: An item valued at $2,000 would have a total IRS write off of $3,500.00.  Either way, the contribution deduction cannot exceed twice the cost of the property.
All kinds of inventory are eligible, however, the donated property must be new or reconditioned to new. The Tax Reform Act of Section 170(e)3 was to provide a special tax incentive rule was designed to establish monetary incentives to businesses making it not only financially feasible, but also financially attracted for them to help non-profits with donations of Free merchandise. The benefits are great since it can allow corporate tax deductions up to 100% above the cost of merchandise donated.
If you are a business and are interested in donating equipment or cash to us please feel free to do so. You will receive your IRS tax documentation in the mail.  We are in dire need at present of a dual VCR Go-Video machine if anyone has one. And we can use cash donations since we are not funded and are all volunteers.


Cobra Missing Children Network, National Headquarters, 511 Webster Avenue N.E., Canton, Ohio 44704-2053