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A Self-help Community Development Corporation established in 1969 to help out the poor, the disadvantage, the disabled and those who could not help themselves.  From its humble beginnings it has exploded into three other divisions which has blossomed and finally exploded into a life saver for innumerable individuals.  In the year 1978, the firm was incorporated in the State of Ohio, Charter Number #510157,  IRS as a 501(c)3 organization #34-1430537, and registered with the Ohio Charitable Solicitations Foundation #0130-02 and swarmed around the globe helping others wherever help might be needed or sought.  The major division is: INSIDERS INFORMATION NETWORK.  We will give you background on this under Contact Us. From these beginnings, you too, can learn how to be an asset to society and help those less fortunate than others.

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Cobra Missing Children Network

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