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Insiders Information Network
We have researched existing models of business/industrial activities, and it has presented its own cogent plan for interventional alternatives. To accomplish the plan, we encourage the building of countywide commitments to facilitate linkages between established organizations and those persons and groups who are beginning to recognize the viability and efficacy of business techniques. Our programs proactive orientation is crucial to successful placement of the disadvantaged and youth of the community regardless of race, national origin or creed.  The community concern and support will help toward the building of more productive citizens. We also know you will find the section, quality of work and price ranges suitable to your unique needs.  Let us write your problem letters so you don't have to. We will write your collection letters, your complaint letters, even letters to your Congressman, and get the results you want!
                               PROFESSIONAL SERVICES WE OFFER
DRINK 'N DRIVE SERVICE: (Police are tougher on inebriated drivers. Hence we initiated this program service where we dispatch 2 escorts to the scene of any celebration. While one escort takes the happy customer home, the other follows with the customer's car, leaving it in front of his or her domicile. AT YOUR SERVICE; We really do everything for you. We walk the dog, pay the bills, do the shopping, stand in for you at functions, even write and deliver speeches, play ball with your children, and take care of minor repairs around the home: FARM ANIMAL SERVICE: You've heard of baby sitting, house sitting and pet sitting. Well, cows need to be milked twice a day and so Ol' McDonald can take that vacation once in a while. We have Cow Sitters available who are willing to be busy as a cow's tail at fly time.  CRITTER SITTING SERVICES: Taking care of pets is sometimes as important as baby sitting. Even Veterinarians like Pet Sitters because some would rather not board their charges. The dogs, cats and more exotic animals are happy, too, because now they can remain in their own habitats and do not need to be tranquilized in strange and often cramped cages. GIFT SHOPPING SERVICES: SUPERMARKET SHOPPING: VIDEO CONSULTANTS: LEGAL SERVICES:  FARM OUT SOME OF YOUR WORK TO HELP THE DISADVANTAGED!  For in your hands you hold the means to help you lay a foundation upon which you can build a solid reliable service network. Citizens are becoming more cost conscious, more sophisticated in getting their money's worth in goods and services. Subsequently, this may well be the most important information that you will ever receive in your life.  For we are many things, the professionals--Insiders Information Network--a coalition of companies and individuals who have come together to form the organization--professionals that you can depend upon to keep up with the rapidly changing technology that affects the every day workings of your personal, business or office life. Ours is a community based program designed to improve the attitudes and life styles of specific problem groups. It is a model process that contends that within each community the resources necessary to improve life locally is already in place. Thus, the Insiders Information Network is also a program, a concept, its opportunity, a notion that government, business and community leaders can join forces in an organized effort at helping the disadvantaged to develop into mature responsible adults with necessary job skills to continue in the work force of our community.
We are self-sustaining. As it unfolds, it also draws upon the vitality of the community itself. The program is also positive. It believes in the good will and generosity of people and in thei willingness to help themselves.  It asserts that the disadvantaged of today and our youth, given an unencumbered path, will respond to both challenge and hard work. The program is also realistic. It recognizes that our youth and the disadvantaged disorientation and lack of purpose is a complex matter, not easily traced to home life or schools, and not effectively treated by fragmented efforts. It proposes that social programs on a community level can be free of such value judgments. The program is visible as well. The project it creates can be a source of pride to the community which owns it. Therefore, we serve to coalesce existing community resources for impact effectiveness. Once community attention is focused on the real problems and steps to displace them, people then can better address their pertinent needs. Our programs are value building instruments by which community goals may be achieved. For us, it is a self help coalition intending to lay the ground work for a sustained program of self development, and for the development of all skills. This plan is not a panacea. It is only a spark intended to ignite the flame of imagination and build an inferno of ideas and ideals. Our programs are designed to help the disadvantaged and the youth of the community to begin to learn and harness experiences that will confront them later in life and at the same time help to cut down on unemployment figures.  These and others are productive alternatives.  Other fields we specialize in: VIDEOTAPING SERVICES, VIDEOTAPING WEDDINGS, REFERRAL SERVICES, BOOKKEEPING SERVICES, BUSINESS PLANS, COMPUTERIZED BOOKKEEPING SERVICES, COMPUTERIZED TAX PREPARATION SERVICES, EXECUTIVE MAID SERVICE, HOME/APARTMENT CLEANING, SERVING THE LEGAL PROFESSION, VIDEO YEARBOOKS FOR SCHOOLS AND VIDEO DATA SERVICES. CREDIT/COLLECTION SERVICE (Jog slow payers. The old saying that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" is certainly true in the credit business as we gently remind your customers/patients about past due bills. This gets the job done without antagonizing anyone.) THUNDER MODELS for runway, mannequin and photo publicity work. BUSINESS CONSULTANTS; PERPETUAL INVENTORY CONTROL; CONCERT PROMOTIONS; CONCERT CONSULTANTS; DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISEMENTS.  You also receive speed, convenience, competence and efficiency. We are sure you are familiar with ELMER WHEELER'S famous maxim, "DON'T SELL THE STEAK, SELL THE SIZZLE." Let us urge you to think about the services we offer and to use these diversified services today. Once you have, we know you will agree with us---no business communications or services ever had more "sizzle" than the products we turn out for you. Accuracy through Legibility, and Economy through Durability. The secret of our services can be summed up in one word: SAVINGS. Economy is the lifeblood of life. Careful cost control buildings profits and savings. We can provide you with this important economy factor to your specifications.  Results afford an wholitic effort tht becomes both cost effective and impact effective to every one's gain and a benefit to the community as a whole. So do contact our coordinator: Mrs. Paulette Winderl and let the Insiders Information Network benefit you. Use the email address to contact. It may well be the most important email you ever wrote in your life.
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