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Products and Services
We mentioned to you in the beginning about our Citizens Action Manual entitled THE COBRA SENTINEL--HELP SAVE A CHILD! Which we first published with the help of  The Canton City School System and Rev. Harold Henninger of  the Canton Baptist Temple. The action manual has been very instrumental in even helping families to get their own children back. Reiterating the fact that unable to keep up with the demand, the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, Criminal Justice Reference Service, Rockville, Maryland took over the publishing of the manual in 1983 because we could not keep up with the demand  for it from the public.

In the year 1996 Cobra produced an update to the manual, this time on video time, a 5 hour long video entitled: THE COBRA SENTINEL--HOLD BACK THE NIGHT!  You can find this at your local law enforcement agency or feasibly at your local public library. There was a heavy demand for this as well, but thanks to our Donors we were able to get them out to the public.

UPDATE:  At the present time we are producing our new video which will be 5 or 5 1/2 hours long because we found one of our undercover operatives Gina Sitra murdered on Shorb N.W. in Canton, Ohio. This will be an update to not only HOLD BACK THE NIGHT but also on our manual HELP SAVE A CHILD!.  The video will be sold for $45.00 to the public because we have to raise more funding.

Companies and organizations can make donations to Cobra under IRS Code 170(e)3 which gives you the full prize of the article/donation plus half. Example:  $500.00 item, plus half $250. gives you a total of $750.00 on your income tax write off.  We are hoping that you will be able to make cash donations or merchandise donations as others have done before you. And if anyone has a Go-Video dual VCR machine for duplicating videos, we would greatly appreciate a donation of one of them. IRS Code 170(e)3 help nonprofit corporations and organizations who are attempting to help others.

So you may make your donations and even order the video from Cobra. For it will learn you the secrets of the trade and how even you can be successful in searching for, finding and returning missing children, including kidnapped ones and runaways.


You may send donations, or order from the following address on Cobra:

                                     Cobra Missing Children Headquarters
                                     National Headquarters
                                     511 Webster Avenue N.E.,
                                     Canton, Ohio  44704-2053

Phone:   330-455-1457                 Fax:   330-456-6898     Or even email us at:


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