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Our mission is to unite individuals from every segment of the entertainment industry in each State who will volunteer to help us continue our growth and obtain members in each state. We urge you to become a volunteer. Join Entertainment 2000 USA and take the initiative to ask your friends in the industry to join and become involved. Also, if you have a commodity/supplies that you would like to present to the global association at a discount, please advise us for our Membership Directory. Also advise as to how much the discount for Entertainment 2000 USA will be.

And just think, that little extra effort makes the difference. Has someone you know in the industry went beyond the call of duty for you? Or achieved much for your segment of the industry? If so, nominate the person for a Courtesy Award--a way of recognizing that extra 'effort' that makes an individual special. If you have a nomination drop us a card. Thank you immensely.

Our History

Don Bennafield, the National Founder of Entertainment International USA in 1969, changed the name in the year 2000 to Entertainment 2000 USA is well renown among the industry leaders. Listed in Who's Who in Sales & Marketing, Who's Who in American Business Leaders, Who's Who in the american Registry, inducted into Marquis Who's Who in Entertainment for years has been fighting for the rights of every segment of the industry, that the industry will not only survive but thrive. There are major forces at play that will determine the future foundation of our industry and without someone to represent your interests, you are now in control of your destiny. So think about Entertainment 2000 USA! Whiles its on your mind join up today. You will find in the long run that you will be thankful that you did.....!!




We also have Information Central. It represents the body of knowledge that supports the profession of entertainment management. When you are plaqued by a particular problem or need information, we urge you to contact Information Central for assistance in locating the answers to your questions. Entertainment 2000 USA has quite a resource library available to the membership body. You can make the voice of arts management an even more effective power in these times of inflation and drastic public funding cuts by becoming a member. There is a double benefit to membership. You provide invaluable support for the most respected arts advocate voice in the arts field....and you enjoy many tangible benefits that can help you and your staff to increase operating efficiency through conferences...discounts....low preferred rates...latest trends in the industry....and most of all SAVE MONEY!

AN INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION ORGANIZED FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY. Entertainment 2000 USA has often been called the world's most active association and for good reason. Since its founding in 1969, Entertainment 2000 USA non-stop promotion of bettering the industry has contributed greatly to the present worldwide popularity and steady growth of the industry. We encourage the highest ethics throughout the industry. We strive for the highest ethics in every phase of the industry. And as a sounding board for our members, we continue to spearhead the drive for proper industry growth. Why should you belong to Entertainment 2000 USA? Because we need and deserve your support. At the same time, membership in Entertainment 2000 USA will provide you with many advantages, including a wealth of information unavailble elsewhere in such succinct form. In addition, we draw upon the knowledge and expertise of our NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD and members, all of whom are leaders in the industry. An individual member is entitled to many benefits, including special attention and assistance in various endeavors. And those who now belong to the organization can look back with pride on the association's tremendous expansion of the industry. Entertainment 2000 USA is a research services arts advocate association, an up to the minute problem solver that meets the needs of todays entertainment industry. We stress time saving, effort saving profit boosting techniques to help you. We avoid theories and concentrate on things to help you in a concise, straight to the point way. We respect your time and intelligence by giving you the news you need to know, quick, concisely, completely. The entertainment industry is changing more rapidly than most of us realize. Entertainment 2000 USA is also changing and will be of invaluable help and assistance to you in updating your knowledge of the important advances taking place today. It will also help to fortify your knowledge of the future. Entertainment 2000 USA encompasses all facets of the industry: RADIO, DJs, AGENCIES, RECORDING ARTISTS, BOOKING AGENTS, PERSONAL MANAGERS, MOVIE/TV ACTORS, FACILITIES, ADVERTISING, ENTERTAINMENT LAWYERS, MANUFACTURERS, SUPPLIERS, SPECIAL EVENTS, COMPOSERS, PRODUCERS, MERCHANDING, PUBLISHERS, STUDIOS, ARRANGERS, AD AGENCIES, RECORD/ENTERTAINMENT COMPANIES, LIBRARIES, INVESTORS, WRITERS, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES and numerous others. You too can be a historical part of the organization. So while its on your mind, JOIN UP TODAY!!

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